make it better - make a suggestion

Siotti at a glance


Siotti is a suggestion box platform with a difference. Transparent but confidential, fast & simple for customers, simple & structured for businesses.  

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Use the simple mobile friendly webapp to make a suggestion.

Register first if you want to track the business progressing it through a workflow.

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Siotti is for customers who want a better experience and business owners that are prepared to listen and act on suggestions.

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Siotti is mobile friendly so you can leave a suggestion whenever & where ever you want. Business owners can also review and manage suggestions on the go.

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You can use Siotti anywhere you see the logo. We're in pilot stage right now so the number of businesses is small. Contact us if you'd like to be involved.

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Why not?! Everyone wants a better experience and business owners want happy customers!  Make it better, make a suggestion! 

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