What's so different?

How is siotti so different?

Siotti has a few things that set it apart from other 'review or feedback' mechanisms:

  • It focuses on improvement opportunities not just critiques.

  • It addresses the entire customer experience not just the extremes.

  • It 's a 'safe place' for negative feedback. 

  • It closes the feedback loop, reporting the progress of suggestions.

  • It embraces diversity - the knowledge, ideas and experience of others.

  • It assists businesses through an end-to-end process.

  • It encourages culture change for customers and business owners.

  • It helps improve customer satisfaction, retention and competitive advantage. 

Keep reading for more information and detail.

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Putting people first and designing journeys

Siotti is built using human-centred service design principles and processes. But what does that mean?


The focus is on people and their experiences: ​

  • understanding and designing solutions for who's involved, what motivates them, what they need and want, what they value and how they behave. 

  • designing an end-to-end journey through a service.

  • embracing co-creation.

Solutions are developed iteratively:

  • we start small and focus on the key components.

  • we research, ask and observe.

  • we test, validate and measure, collecting improvement suggestions.

  • we improve, develop and add features.

  • we continue that loop.

You can do it too! We're encouraging and supporting small business owners to adopt this approach in their business too and siotti is a critical step on that journey.


We provide the tools and support a small business needs to improve customer engagement and design better products and services:

  • POS and front of house promotional material.

  • The siotti app to collect suggestions and feedback.

  • The siotti database and workflow to track and progress those suggestions through to implementation. 

  • Access to 'How To' articles and additional information.

  • Reporting and data analytics of suggestion themes and trends.

But wait, there's more! We understand that this stuff might be new, confusing, you may not have time or you just need a bit of a hand. Maybe you have a much bigger project in mind?


As a participating siotti business, you'll also receive priority access to:

  • expert data analysts for additional and more advanced reporting projects. 

  • service design professionals for additional assistance or larger improvement projects.

  • workshops and training days. 

  • industry insight reports and recommendations.

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Siotti vs Reviews

We use reviews, why do I need Siotti?

Reviews do a great job of capturing what happened in extreme situations to a small number of your customers. They focus on emotion and often aren't particularly helpful. By the time a review is left you've likely already won that customer over completely or you've lost them forever. 

Siotti targets the entire spectrum of customers and captures everything from small issues, personal preferences and ideas to the extremes that may have prompted a review. It encourages customers to raise 'negative' issues but focusses on solutions and suggestions rather than just complaints or praise. 


Loyal customers are a business's bread and butter. Their opinions are important and their feedback is essential to improve your business but they're not obtained effectively. Improving the experience of the loyal mainstream can turn an average customer into an advocate!  

A quick comparison list:

  • Who are they for?

    • Reviews - Generally they're intended for other customers to read.

    • Siotti - Ultimately everyone. It's for the business owner so they improve things for the suggester in addition to other customers in the future.

  • Where are they left/displayed?

    • Reviews - Public review sites and search engines.

    • Siotti - Within the siotti app, in private. 

  • What triggers them?

    • Reviews - Usually great experiences or a bad ones - extremes.

    • Siotti - Anything no matter how big or small. An issue, an idea, an observation. 

  • Why leave a review?

    • Reviews - To warn or encourage others. 

    • Siotti - To make the world a better place. It'll make the service better for customers and that'll help the business owner be more successful. 

  • Do they care about change?

    • Reviews - Reviewers don't generally care if an issue is fixed or the experience is improved.

    • Siotti - Yes, they're trying to help and are likely to return and experience the change for themselves. 

  • Are negative reviews good for business?

    • Reviews - Generally no, they're not encouraged and are removed where possible.

    • Siotti - Yes! Siotti is where 'negative' feedback becomes good for business! ​

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So what have we learnt?

Our customer research uncovered some clear insights that led to a couple of key developments and the unique approach siotti has taken: 

The Siotti Score A brand new metric to measure and communicate a business's commitment to acting on suggestions.

We conducted a survey asking 'what would motivate you to leave feedback?'.

82% of customers responded with 'seeing something happen'. That left us with a chicken & egg situation. 

We created The Siotti Score to address this problem. The score evaluates the impact, effort, outcome and time taken data from the suggestion workflow to produce a score that illustrates how likely a business is to act on a suggestion. 


Customers considering leaving a suggestion can now quickly see if it's worth their effort, if the business will listen and act.  

The W.A.T.E.R principle to encourage feedback. 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink... but you can actively encourage it! ' 

Our customer research lead to 5 key insights to encouraging feedback. 


  • are Willing to provide feedback in the right circumstances.

  • will generally only provide feedback if they are actively Asked in some way.

  • are on autopilot or focusing on other things until something Triggers them to pay attention. 

  • are much more likely to provide feedback if it's Easy to do so.

  • need to feel staff will be Receptive to receiving feedback.

Siotti has been specifically designed to address each one these, significantly increasing the chances of a suggestion being made.  

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Yeah OK, but what does it cost?!

Siotti is free for customers. 

Whilst we're in pilot stage, businesses can request to be included and participate at no cost. We only ask that feedback and suggestions be provided and that you work with us to improve the product. 

Once the pilot is complete we're planning to offer two monthly subscription options. As we're focussed on assisting small businesses they'll be very affordable, even for sole traders. 

If you'd like more information or have any questions, please shoot us an email at contact@siotti.com 

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So how do I register my business?

Registering your business is easy:

STEP 1 - First register as a Siotti user here.


STEP 2 - Click on Account Settings (top right) and complete the 'Register your business' form.

STEP 4 - Once you've received the 'authorised' email, log back in and head back to the 'My Account' page. Your business should now be listed. Click the Edit icon to complete the remaining details and upload your logo. 


STEP 5 - You're good to go! Promote Siotti to all your customers in person and using the custom QR Code, link and promo material on the 'Business' page.

If you'd like more information or have any questions, please shoot us an email at contact@siotti.com