So what is siotti? 

Siotti is a suggestion box platform with a few twists.


Free, anonymous and backed by human-centred design principles , Siotti is the best way for customers to tell a business what they think a GREAT experience looks like! 

It's as simple as it is sophisticated and has been specifically designed to make providing feedback as easy and effective as possible. 

  • It's one app for all participating businesses.

  • It's not a black hole - you can track the progress of your suggestion and be notified of the result.

  • It's for everything and anything, big or small. 

  • It's for businesses that actually want to improve. 

  • It encourages a culture of positive co-creation and openness that benefits everyone.

  • It supports the business with tracking and implementing changes.

  • It's backed by human-centred design principles and data analytics.

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Great experiences make everyone happier. They can also turn average customers into advocates, improving loyalty, referrals and competitive advantage.


Try it now - make a suggestion!



How do I use it? 

Siotti is a simple web app where you can submit a suggestion about 1 of 5 key topics:

  • Products

  • Services

  • Staff

  • Venue

  • Website or other content

All feedback is useful but the idea here is to be constructive and make suggestions rather than just complain. 


Suggestions can be about anything no matter how big or small and you're working with the business owner to co-create something better. 

You remain anonymous allowing you to be totally honest and upfront. If you register you can track the progress of your suggestion, send & receive anonymous messages and be notified of the end result. 

Businesses see a list of all their suggestions and work them through a workflow, have access to 'how to' articles and assistance from service designers and data analysts. 

Try it now - make a suggestion!



Who's it for?

It's for everyone. It's for you!


If you're not jumping for joy as you leave a business then there's room for improvement! 

We've all noticed something that can be improved, had an idea or wondered why a business hasn't done something that seems so obvious.


It could be anything at all, no matter how small;

  • Is the coffee always a little cold?

  • Are you always on hold or waiting for ages? 

  • Do you wish there was a nice outside space?

  • Is there no after sales service?

  • Are there too many options or it's all just too confusing?

  • Is a website missing info or hard to navigate?

Smart business owners value your feedback and want to hear your suggestions. 

So have a go, start contributing to a better world - make a suggestion!

If you're a business owner, head to our business page for more information and to see if siotti is for you. 



When is the best time to use siotti?

Siotti has been designed to make it simple to leave feedback at a time & place that suits you.

  • It's mobile friendly so can be used on any connected device at any time.

  • It's 1 app for all participating businesses making it simple to find compared to navigating different business websites. 

  • It's been specifically designed to be easy and quick to use - a simple suggestion can be left in seconds.

You may choose to make a suggestion as soon as you think of it, whilst you're still experiencing the service or days later when you've had time to think about it.


If you've registered (for free) you can track the progress of your suggestion at any time and be notified of the end result. 

Try it right now - Make a suggestion!



Where can I use it? 

You can use siotti anywhere you see the logo displayed. It could be a window sticker, cards or fliers at the checkout, on a website or at the bottom of an email. 


Our research tells us that customers are more likely to leave feedback if they believe a business will listen and do something about it - Siotti is for businesses that want to listen and are prepared to act.  

To keep participating businesses on task, we created 'The Siotti Score' to measure and rank each business on the likely-hood of them implementing a suggestion. Each business's Siotti Score will be displayed on their suggestion page for all to see. 

So if you see the siotti logo, you'll know that the business wants to give their customers the best experience possible and are actively asking for your input to help them do it.

So what's stopping you? 

If you see the logo, go ahead and try it - make a suggestion!



Why should I bother?

Why wouldn't you? Everyone wants better products and services, so tell businesses what you want!


They can't change what they don't know or don't realise is important - they're asking, so why not tell them?   

  • It's easy and fast to do.

  • It feels good to be listened to.

  • You'll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling if they implement your idea.

  • You'll help make things better for you, the way you like it.

  • You'll be helping make things better for everyone.


Siotti businesses recognise that great experiences mean happy and loyal customers and they understand that to design great experiences they need the input, diversity and different perspectives of their customers.


You may have ideas, knowledge and experience in a whole range of topics that might help lead to something new and great or you may share something simple they just didn't realise was important. 


If you share your insights, and they make improvements then everybody wins, including you on your next visit! 

Make it better - make a suggestion!