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Make something better
Make a suggestion

Don't just whinge to your mates, speak up & tell businesses how to improve


"I submitted my idea to put some benches outside and was excited to see they listened. We love sitting out there now and enjoying a drink in the sun!"


"How is this different to leaving a review or feedback?"

Reviews are generally intended for other customers - to share great experiences or to warn of poor ones. Often, reviewers don't really care if an issue is fixed or the experience is improved. Negative reviews are also generally considered 'bad for business' and removed where possible.


Feedback is normally only received after an extreme experience - Either something was great or terrible. It's often not easy to find where to leave feedback as many business websites don't have the facility.

Leaving a siotti suggestion is different. Raising issues and suggesting ways to improve are what it's all about - Its's where negative feedback becomes 'good for business'! It's customers and the business working together to design and improve an experience for everyone. It's collaborative and human-centred design that lets you be part of the solution. Make a difference, improve the world we live in. Contribute. ​