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Contactless Check-In


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Contactless Check-In

Siotti provides a smoother & safer customer check-in experience to meet Covid-19 contact tracing record keeping requirements:

  • Simple customer sign-in process

  • Reduced risk of virus transmission 

  • Improved Data Privacy

  • Simple sign-up and setup

  • Custom QR code

  • Branded business landing page

  • Multiple businesses per login

  • Multiple custom 'spaces' 

  • Online reporting page


Customer Feedback

Make it easy for your customers to tell you what they like & dislike!

Siotti is fast, simple & anonymous for customers:

  • Mobile friendly anytime, anywhere suggestions

  • Easy to find - One app for multiple businesses

  • Anonymous suggestions encouraging open and honest feedback

  • Optional tracking of progress and resolution

Siotti is simple, professional & structured for business owners.

  • A 'safe space' away from public review sites!

  • Simple setup and configuration

  • Branded landing page

  • Simple categorisation & progress workflow

  • Reporting page

For more information about the principles and benefits of Siotti's Suggestion-Box solution, click here


Setup & Use

Once customers scan your QR code, they're taken to your branded landing page.

  • Check-in is super simple and fast.

  • Additional options such as post code and checking-in children is included. 

  • A large confirmation is displayed to show staff.

The video below then shows the business owner view of the Check-Ins table showing the recent data. 

  • Data can be filtered and ordered.

  • For ease of use, the table displays the current day's data by default with the most recent at the top.

  • As per covid contact tracing data privacy regulations, only the last 28 days data is available.

Contactless Check-In

Initial Setup

It only takes 2 minutes to register, add your business, add an optional check-in location and print your signage! 

  • Register an account

  • Register your business

  • Add an optional Covid Space if you want contactless check-in

  • Print basic signage (or download your custom QR code and create your own) 





- Unlimited Businesses

- QR Codes & Business Logos

- Standard Check-In

- Standard Suggestion-Box

- Standard Reporting

- Unlimited Covid Spaces 



- All Freemium Features

- Additional Check-In Features

- Custom Feedback Challenges

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About Siotti

Happy customers are good for business! But how do you make them 'happy'?


Siotti aims to helps small businesses improve their customer experience by:

  • Providing simple to use customer engagement & data capture tools

  • Easy to follow processes

  • Simple data analytics and reporting

Siotti was founded by Rob Young and Jon Pendlebury, combining 50 years of experience in service delivery, service design, product design & advanced data analytics in large enterprise. 

Siotti is proudly Australian owned & operated, based in Geelong Victoria and is backed by Rob & Jon's parent companies RavenCo & 1iDEA. 

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"The Covid-19 Check-in has been great! It's saved our venue so much time, plus a wage of a person signing in people all night" 

Current Customers Include: